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Coming over to the shores of Malaya from the Hainan province of China, our grandfather (Mr. Mai) was searching for a better livelihood to support his family. Like many of the Hainanese immigrants, our grandfather found his footing in the food & beverages industry. He first started the family coffee–roastery factory back in 1955, until today managed by the third generation of the Mai family. With over 60 years of coffee roasting experience, staying true to our grandfather’s spirit, we still maintain the tradition of serving our excellent Hainanese coffee recipe. Meanwhile, we still retain the traditional values of roasting real quality coffee beans and also using modern equipment in coffee roasting.

As our mission is to provide customers with the best coffee taste experience, we maintain the absolute best standards of quality by carefully selecting, roasting, and blending only the top quality coffee beans sourced from the best producers around the world. In some of our blends, we pay higher cost to selected coffee farmers to harvest and process only mature coffee cherry as they result in the best coffee taste.

We Specialized in


Traditional Hainanese Coffee

Traditionally roasted coffee beans with caramelized sugar, margarine and salt; served like in the olden days.


Arabica Coffee Bean

Being finest in quality, the coffee beans are richly aromatic and we carefully choose the best quality beans from Columbia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Indonesia etc.


Liberica Coffee

A very rare type of coffee bean and we use it in our blend to offer a unique and distinctive flavour. Our source mainly comes from Malaysia, as we offer the best Liberica coffee beans in the world.

Our Based

Based in Teluk Intan, Perak, our coffee is distributed to most coffee shops, and serve hotel too. The people in Teluk Intan and some parts of the Klang Valley have long enjoyed KC Coffee. Meanwhile, we’re more than just a coffee manufacturer, we will provide training with your newly purchased equipment and products. Our brand is synonymous to good coffee and good customer service.

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We also provide commercial use in bulk orders

(for Kopitiam and coffee shops)